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Wayanad Silvergreen, one of the best resorts in Wayanad, offers you the greatest experience a tourist can loot from the natural paradise of God's own country. In Wayanad eco resorts provides you the very air of adventure without compromising the comforts of the stay, and Silvergreen being the best among them offers ample opportunities and numerous package for the bliss and amusement of the tourists.

'Arabian nights' is one of such packages that can take you through the luxuries and savories of the great Arabian culture with the flaming taste of its dishes and settings. Silvergreen, the perfect feel like home Stay in Wayanad brings out the ancient Arabian air into this misty valley beside the great Banasura sagar dam.

In luxury resorts Wyanad do not stand behind to any other hotels elsewhere, and Silvergreen plays an exemplary role in hospitality in this region. Arabian Nights package offers you the perfect chance to sit back and relax in the cool breeze of the valley puffing the warm grey smoke of 'Hooka' and tasting the finest dishes from the land of sand dunes across the sea.

Accommodation in Wayanad is made easier and a memorable experience in Wyanad Silvergreen, and this special package adds to the flavor of its hospitality. Arabian nights will be provided on request on full occupancy days.Live Arabic kitchen with Arabic music, and hukka with Arabic tents campfire with Arabic teapot.

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